Friday, 16 July 2010

Why and its reply

In the morning when I was in flashback memories of my childhood, I stopped at a particular moment. I remember those days in childhood when one starts talking about something and the other starts questioning him with "why". I am sure you might have experienced such conversations already. Usually these kinds of conversations used to end up with a very popular phrase "Every why has no reply". I can't help myself with thinking of this phrase. Is it really true? I asked this question to myself. I might be wrong but somehow the answer to this came to my mind was - NO, every why certainly has a reply but of course in very different way. There are answers available to all 'why', it is just that some of the answers are not discovered yet, and some of the answers are right there in front of us but they appear so complicated to us that we are not able to comprehend it which makes it unanswered to us. And yes, there are some "why's" available for which we know the reply and yet we do not wish to accept it which let it be unanswered.

In search of the answers of some unanswered or uncomprehended "WHYs"...